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ROUTINE VERSUS CREATIVITY. Originally featured in Muyiwa Afolabi's blog

I think it's human for people to admire and cherish positive outcomes
and results without giving much thought or embracing the realities of
the process.

Almost every woman I know want to have children, they love children but
they hardly think of the nine months process of bringing this desire to

Many young people want to get married, they dream of being married, but
they hardly consider the difficulty of cohabiting for life with that
individual with a different upbringing, orientation, habit and
preferences. They think of the good, the fun and the exciting, but
wouldn't consider the reality of making critical life decisions with
someone you lack control over his or her will to agree or disagree.

Many young people are praying for admission into the university, they
are upset and sad because they're yet to obtain admission, they want to
go to the university because it offers the possibility of becoming a
professional apart from the fun and excitement prevalent on campus.

Truth is everything in life is neutral. There is both the good and bad
inherent in every situation and experience. The positive or negative
effect it has on you emotionally is based on your thinking and mindset.

Some people are desperate about marriage and some think marriage is
bondage. Some people can't imagine their husbands having another lady he
loves, while some women don't mind being a second, third or fourth wife;
sharing the man with the others. And everybody is satisfied and happy.

The way you see a situation will to a large extent determine what you
feel and how you respond to the situation.

In my submission, what we are going through as a nation right now is a
necessary survival process having inherent, the good, the bad and the
outright ugly.

Please permit me to announce to you that there is no time in the life of
any kingdom, institution or nation when everything is perfectly in order
and there are no problems at all. Even the greatest nations in the world
today are confronted with very serious political, ethnic, racial,
religious; social and security challenges. There are protests,
rebellion, killings, physical and verbal attacks, security threats and
shootings of innocent citizens by law enforcement agencies even in the
US and the American government today appear to lack the political will
to deal with the issues.

The world is full of problems, solutions, challenges, opportunities,
destructions and innovations, value creation and value erosion. That's
how the world is, that's how the world has always being, it's like that
everywhere and Nigerian is no exception.

What you focus on, what you choose to think, how you choose to react to
the situation in Nigeria and indeed the world over will determine your
happiness or otherwise, you living long or otherwise, you succeeding or
otherwise in this life. What you choose to see, accept, meditate on,
believe in and how you respond is the key to your peace and progress.
Your power to take charge is not in the happenings around you, it lies
within you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of education and information is not
just knowledge.  You get educated and seek for information to become

The information you acquire and the education you acquire ought to be
processed in your mind, meditated upon and used to solve problems,
create solutions and overcome challenges and troubles that may come your
way in life.

You being a victim of this process of change may not entirely be the
fault of the environment but your inability to apply what you know and
the information you have correctly.

You may also be a victim if you lack sufficient relevant information and
knowledge on how you can overcome and succeed like some people are
succeeding and becoming richer even in this perceived hard times.

Creativity is the key to solving every problem. Creativity is the
correct combination of ideas, experience and strategies to beat adverse
situations and profit from perceived challenges.

Recently it was reported a bank manager committed suicide in Lagos,
simply because of a loan he approved that went bad according to reports.
This is so sad. Within the last few months, I've counselled almost 15
people who were at the verge of committing suicide over business, career
and finance matters; they changed their minds, decided to get in touch
with me after reading this blog and they now attend my life
mentoring class.

Many have found themselves in a negative mental state simply because
they lack solutions. They don't know what to do.

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