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Choosing your online presence

Written by Dammy okoro

Hiya! In this lesson, we’ll introduce you to all the ways you can create an online presence—from websites and social media to local business listings and review sites.

You can see just how important it is these days to be online, so let’s get

How to do Email marketing

Published by Dammy Okoro

So, once you’re ready to start using an email marketing campaign, you’ll need to know how to get started. An “email marketing service” can guide you through the process from start to finish.

We’re going to discuss the typical features and benefits of email marketing services. We’ll also talk about how these tools can give you insights into customer behaviour, so you can deliver more personalised content.




All over the world people are losing their jobs seamlessly with each passing day. Those who have one, live with the fear of losing theirs. Millions are either under employed or under paid – even in this seemingly pitiable condition, they have no freedom, as they are been used as slaves in present employment. They can hardly say “NO” to any request made by their employers to either work over time or work on weekends! – it should be seen for what it is – ‘Modern Slavery’


LOADED THOUGHTS, EMPTY LIFE......originally appeared in frankly speaking

So it was another morning last Monday and I was out early that morning. And as I scouted around the beautiful city of Lagos, I paid attention to very many people on their way to work. Many were by the roadside waiting to board a vehicle, many were in commercial buses and taxi cabs, some were in their company buses and very many were in private cars all on their way to work or place of business.

I paid attention to all these people, I peered at their faces and observed their body language and believe me, it wasn't an encouraging observation. Nearly everyone looked very tired and unhappy.



Everyone wants progress in life. We are not designed to remain the same
way or to remain on the same spot. We are designed by nature to, after a
while get tired of something or a situation and desire an improvement.
We always want a superior version or a better condition of things and
situations. Its human nature. We long for improved communities, improved
societies, improved relationships, improved families, and improved
wellbeing. Majority of work done by billions of people all over the
world daily is driven by the desire for improvement. We want to make

Organizational Culture: Which boss should you be loyal to - the boss's boss or the boss himself?
If you have two bosses - the top one being your former boss who knows you pretty well and got the big position and your immediate boss who was promoted because your former boss like him but is a jerk - who should you finally be loyal to when there is a difference in the work objectives.
Dammy Reginald CEO theinboundstrategy, with 8+ years experience as leadership coach, org change consultant and educationists, mostly at state and federal government level.- here's My take.… read on:

Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

9 Reasons Online Marketing Outshines Traditional Marketing

A recent article on Forbes.com asked the question, Is traditional marketing still alive? As the article concludes, of course it is! But while the article argues that some forms of traditional marketing are still lucrative (like door hangers and junk mail), I’d argue that they’re far less lucrative than most online marketing initiatives. How much of your junk mail goes directly to the recycling bin? How many times have you seen an interesting billboard on your way to work and then actually followed up by visiting the store or website at the end of your commute?

Reaching new customers and cultivating loyalty in current customers are the reasons why we engage in any marketing, be it online or traditional. But in a company where every marketing dollar counts—and let’s be honest, no one wants to waste money—online marketing outshines traditional marketing any day. Here’s why.

1. Targeting – With online marketing, your ability to target your audience is far superior to traditional marketing. With traditional marketing, your audience is wide. You don’t know who sees your ads or reads your mailings. Flyers and door hangers go out to the community at large. You may choose to run a print ad in a magazine whose audience is more targeted, but even that is a very haphazard approach in today’s day and age. Online marketing allows you to target prospects who have already shown interest in a particular product or service (be it yours or a competitors) or by various demographics such as gender, age, etc.

First appeared in hubspot marketing blog

When it comes to improving productivity in the workplace, much of the advice we hear centers around the mindset or motivation of the individual in question -- advice like "You need to set goals for yourself," or "You need to focus on your passion," or "You need to meticulously plan every portion of your day down to the millisecond."

And while such advice can potentially be helpful, there's one aspect of improving productivity that we often overlook: our environments. As Dr. B.J. Fogg, Director of Stanford's Persuasive Tech Lab once noted:

"There's just one way to radically change your behavior: radically change your environment."

In the list below, we've highlighted some of the best tips and tricks you can use to create a space that's not only pleasant to work in, but that actually helps to improve your productivity. True, not every suggestion will be applicable to everyone's unique work situation, but hopefully you'll be able to come away with some useful ideas.

7 Tips for Making Your Workspace a Den of Productivity

1) Let the sun shine.

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Few of us truly enjoy meetings in large part because they are often cited as a huge waste of time. For instance, in a study for Harvard Business Review, a group of consultants from Bain & Company analyzed the calendars of key employees for one company and found that one weekly executive meeting consumed 300,000 hours each year.

Here’s the specific breakdown:

  • A weekly meeting took up 7,000 hours for the top executives involved.
  • Another 20,000 hours of meetings among department heads and executives were generated in preparation for the meetings listed above.
  • Each team averaged 63,000 hours in preparation and generated an additional 210,000 hours in more preparatory meetings.

Although the size of the company had some influence on the numbers, it’s clear that employees are spending a hefty portion of their work lives in meetings. However, are there any behaviors or phrases that grind away at employee engagement and color participants’ general feelings toward meetings? The team at Igloo Software decided to look for answers. Their researchers surveyed 1,000 people to see what aggravates employees the most about meetings and grouped responses by age and gender for even further insights.

Here I’ll walk you through four key takeaways to keep in mind as you plan your next meeting.

1) Although there is a general consensus that meetings are productive, millennials actually find meetings more productive than their older counterparts.

Igloo’s data indicate that most people -- exactly 53% -- actually find meetings productive. However, further analysis indicates that though each gender's view on productivity was similar, there is a key distinction between millennials and older generations: Nearly 20% more millennials than older employees find meetings productive. More specifically, the data indicate the following:

  • Women are just shy of a 50/50 split -- exactly 51% of women find meetings productive.
  • More than 55% of millennials find meetings productive.
  • Nearly 55% of older respondents believe meetings are actually unproductive.

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