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PROGRESS NOT DIGRESS[infographics] Featured


Everyone wants progress in life. We are not designed to remain the same
way or to remain on the same spot. We are designed by nature to, after a
while get tired of something or a situation and desire an improvement.
We always want a superior version or a better condition of things and
situations. Its human nature. We long for improved communities, improved
societies, improved relationships, improved families, and improved
wellbeing. Majority of work done by billions of people all over the
world daily is driven by the desire for improvement. We want to make

everything better.

The ability to improve all around us and our individual lives is what is
called progress. Progress is onward or forward movement towards a
destination. It is a development towards an improved or more advanced

Progress is not just movement, it is onward and forward in nature. And
it is towards a destination too. For anything to be qualified as
progressive, it must exhibit an onward or forward mobility and it must
be towards a pre-determined and agreed destination. For your life to be
qualified as progressive, it must exhibit an onward or forward movement
towards a predetermined destination.

It's not just about movement, it's about forward movement, and for it to
be clear the movement is forward, it must be towards the direction of a
pre-determined destination.

This hence is the question; are you progressing? Is your life moving

This is beyond the question of mobility, it's also about direction,
towards a pre-determined destination.

Within this context, promotion at work may not necessarily be a
progressive movement for you depending on your predetermined destination.

Better qualifications may not be a progressive movement for you
depending on your pre-determined destination. In fact more money for you
may not be a progressive movement depending on your pre-determined
destination; in fact marriage may not be progressive for you depending
on your pre-determined destination and your current direction.

Movement in life is not the same as progress in life, movement towards a
pre-determined destination in life is progress in life.

Do you have a destination in mind for your life's journey? Where exactly
are you going in life?

Dear friends, a destination in life is a condition not an experience.
Your progress in life is a development towards an improved and more
advanced condition not just an experience. It's about what you
ultimately want to become not what you desire to own. Hence, money
cannot be a destination, peace cannot be a destination, happiness cannot
be a destination, fulfilment cannot be a destination these are all
experiences you will enjoy when you eventually arrive at your destination.

Money cannot be a destination because it should not exist in isolation,
it should come together with happiness, peace and comfort. Comfort
cannot be a destination because it's strongly tied to money, you cannot
be comfortable without money.

All these are the rewards on arrival at your pre-determined destination.
They are not your destination.

A destination is who and what you ultimately want to become in life that
would be of relevance and great value to this world and humanity and
would consequently attract the reward of cash, peace, comfort and

Progress is onward and forward movement in space and time. Hmm space and
time, dear friend, how old are you? Are you progressing in life or
digressing? Ae you focused on where you're heading – your predetermined
destination or you're distracted by people and your environment?

Many of us are not progressing in life because we do not understand what
it means to have a destination. Your destination is about your purpose,
your essence, your reason for being in this world, the solution you
bring, the problems you answer to in this life; it's about why you
exist. You're not in this world to take, you're in this world to give
and get rewarded.

Dear friend, you don't begin to manifest the greatness of your person
and God's original intent in creating you on the day you are born.
Manifesting greatness and glory takes a season. You must grow, be
matured, be wise and have great understanding of life and your purpose
before you can manifest. If you're not seasoned and toughened by life's
pains and challenges, your great gifts, talent, ability and potential
may destroy you.

Progress is remaining committed to the reason for your being; investing
in and growing your gifts and God given potential; polishing it and
making it viable and worthy of impacting the world positively. It takes
time. Progress is growing and transforming your quality and condition of
being to become useful and valuable to humanity.

Progress is not necessarily a new house, a new car, better salary or new
clothes; progress is actually a growing and an improving you. Every new
house will become old, every new car will become old, every new salary
will become stale, new clothes will become worn but a new and improved
you will become great in this life and in the afterlife.

No one remembers the houses, cars, clothes, cash and possessions of
great men, what the world remembers is who they were – their person.

Many of us today lack the required respect for our destination in life;
we reconsider too quickly and try out new options and destinations.

We are not resolute in transforming our condition of being we are easily
enticed by money, fame, financial profit and seeming success of others
hence get frequently distracted, Dear friend you are losing time.

Today you're in paid employment, tomorrow, self-employment, next
tomorrow back again in paid employment, next year you're in a different
industry, afterwards, you're learning dress making, two months later
you're sharing cards as an event planner, a short while after, you're
writing project management exams, after a while you're into network
marketing, shortly after you're training to become a makeup artist, the
next time you're introduced, you've become a blogger, not so long after
you're selling shoes on your Instagram account, dear friend, you are
wasting your time. Your time is your life!

You can never progress if you're not disciplined to stay long enough on
one thing to gather the necessary experience for success. Every success
bound journey has along its path the good, the bad and the ugly. And
every sensible journey has rest, honour and great reward waiting at the
finish line for those who dare to endure to the end.

You must learn to endure the pressure and take on the challenges on your
journey to destination. Real progress is in what the journey turns you
into; how much better you have become as a person, not necessarily what
you've gathered materially.

If you take your life's journey like many road users in Lagos who always
think movement is faster on the other lane when in slow traffic; you'll
end up frustrated and distracted; fighting everybody and getting angry
at yourself at last.

What you decide to become will determine how you feel eventually and
when you eventually become a great person, great reward is automatic.

Ladies and gentlemen, move forward not in circles, not to the left or to
the right, remain in lane, stick with it, endure and enjoy the good the
bad and the ugly – that's how champions emerge. Be a champion.

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