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....originally appeared in frankly speaking blog

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. What your life is today is an indication of your attitude and disposition to fear. Every human being is born with unlimited potential and capacity for greatness. There is nothing humanly possible that you cannot do or accomplish.

There is no height you cannot attain and no great limits you cannot cross. No matter how great or otherwise your life is today my friend, your number one opposition 

and limitation is fear.

Fearless people rule and conquer the world. The courageous rule over the fearful. Perhaps, the main reason Europeans came to Africa, dominated and colonized the people for several centuries is simply because they were not afraid to travel across the treacherous ocean to a strange and mysterious land and people to dominate it but we, as Africans lacked the courage to do the same. Africans are generally fearful. Africans don't want to die.

The bold make discoveries, access secrets and have superior answers because they are not afraid to take risks and are adventurous. Dominion in life is for the courageous. The fearful will always serve the vision and purpose of the courageous.

Dear friend, there are so many things you can do that you're not doing or you're yet to do simply because you're afraid.

We have too many multibillion dollar potential business owners today still struggling to make ends meet in paid employment simply because they're afraid to own their own companies.

Multibillion dollar bank owners only dreaming of becoming branch or territorial managers, multibillion dollar oil company owners satisfied with senior management positions as employees in oil companies, seven star hotel owners satisfied with becoming hotel managers, potential governors, ministers and even presidents, only concerned with leading pubic servant's protests for salary increases.
The fearful will work and serve very hard in companies and business owned by the courageous even if they are smarter, more hardworking and more intelligent than the business owner. The main separating factor of great men from mere men is courage.

Many of us today are suffering and struggling not because we are lazy, dull or ignorant but simply because we are afraid. We are afraid of failure, disappointment, rejection, betrayal and the pain they consequently bring.

No, we cannot bear the emotional, psychological or even physical pain we may have to endure if you fail, so we choose to remain low, mediocre and broke.

Dear friend, fear according to our earlier dictionary definition is an emotion, it is a feeling, it is not real, you only feel so; it is not your reality. That which you fear did not happen, has not happened and may not happen. It's only an emotion, triggered off by a negative line of thought. Fear is not real, it's in your mind. It's not in your life. It's a delusion, fear is a feeling not a reality. It's in the same class and category as a dream; a nightmare, it's not real, it just feels real, it didn't really happen. If it is not wise to plan your life based on a dream you had while asleep, why then do you make life decisions over that feeling of fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by a threat of danger, pain or harm. Ladies and gentlemen, fear is a threat, it's not a reality. When you are threatened, you don't surrender, you don't run away, if you really want to win and access what you want, what you do is study the threat factor or the person threatening you, understand the situation and person, demystify the situation and person and conquer the situation or person. To become a champion, you don't run away from a fight or an
opponent based on his threats, you look for, and identify the weakness in your opposition and use it to your advantage.

Many of us are reluctant in giving life our best shot because we can't handle the pain we may have to endure if we fail at any attempt.

But may I say to you today that pain is an unavoidable part of our lives? Everyone must go through pain, pain grows you, you were born through pain and you'll develop and mature through pain. Pain is an integral part of our lives as humans.

Whether you want pain or not, you will go through pain in life. You may however, choose to endure pain as the price for success or endure pain as the punishment for failure and indifference in life. Both successful people and failures go through pain but for different reasons.

If this is the case dear friend, it is then, unrealistic to run away from pain in life. You can't avoid it. Wisdom is to choose to endure a productive pain; pain as the price for success and not the punishment for failure or indifference in life.

Dear friend you cannot run away from pain in life, so change your attitude towards pain. It is pain that empowers fear. If you have a right attitude to pain, fear cannot rule over you.

Life is a battle, life is like a boxing contest, you must take the punches and endure the pain, you can't run, to win and become a
champion, you must endure the pain and keep fighting.

Dear friend, what do you really want in life? What is your dream? Do you have a mental picture of your dream and desire and destination in life? Are you passionate about success and greatness? Do you want to build a great life of value? Do you want to impact your generation? Do you want to be the source of trans-generational blessing for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren?

What's the worth of your life today to the people around you? How valuable are you? Are you planning to live a great life, or you just want to pass through life unnoticed, unsung and unknown for anything significant? Do you just want to be another number, another statistic with a name that means nothing and triggers no memory or meaning of any sort? Are you a great person or you would rather be another ordinary person?

 Dear friend, the only thing standing between you and your great life is fear, you have extra ordinary potential for success, achievement and prosperity. You are naturally gifted and talented for greatness.

Stop prioritizing your feelings. Feeling will come and go, your results and accomplishments however, will always abide.

Rejection, disappointment, betrayal and loss will happen either you are pursuing success or indifferent in life.

Reset your mind today and get real, the fact that the rich also cry doesn't mean the poor never cries. Everybody hurts, everybody cries, we all go through pain, but choose to endure your pain as a price for success and glory in life, not as the consequence or punishment for indifference, failure and fear in life.

Every man and woman who has every accomplished anything meaningful in life were unafraid.

Your life is much more than your immediate needs and pleasure. See far, dream long term, plan long term strategize long term. Take charge of your life and career.

Don't be small in your thinking, earning a good salary, buying a car, living in a nice house and paying your bills are basic achievements, everything can change overnight if you're not a dream chaser. If you can't develop the ability to create wealth by yourself and in yourself, a loss in employment or a major business loss can overturn your
comfortable life overnight.

Let fear drive you to pay the price for sustainable success, pain will come any which way so don't let it stop you. Dear friend, enter into the no fear zone of your life. Achieve greatness.




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